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The work is carried out between the space of two municipal institutions, Sofia City Gallery(2) and the Women’s Market(4) (before its demolition towards new development) It happens through the exchange of activities of the people working on these particular places​.​

  • Sofia Art Gallery: A stall from Women’s Market with fruit and vegetable – producer and seller Maya
    Angelova -Total 6 working days in the gallery; Documentary object with information about the activities carried out by employees of the gallery within the market (plywood, pigment print on paper, marker)
  • Women’s Market: Rolling object associated with both of locations 240/300/60 (plywood, digital print on vinyl 2×225 / 300 cm., 2×225 / 600 cm, marker 4 wheels); 5 folding chairs with stand (plywood, vinyl) for catalogs with complete collection of works by the gallery in each department;foldersprepared by (Vladiya Mihaylova, Daniela Radeva and Stanislava Nikolova) three curators of the gallery associated with the departments -Total 6 wong days on the market




1. Administrative centre of Sofia
2. Sofia Art Gallery
3. Maya Angelova, producer and trader of fruits and vegetables at the market
4. Woman’s Market, Sofia
5. Location of the curators
6. Rolling object associated with both of the locations
7. Object associated with both of the locations, Sofia Art Gallery
8. Sofia Art Gallery
9. Woman’s Market, Sofia
10. The demolition of the market, 08 2014


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“Women’s Market”


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